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Cakes R’ Us – Cookies & Pastries Company

From the grand, splendid and noteworthy revelries to the sweet, intimate and more personal affairs, everyone has beautiful moments to be thankful for everyday. From birthdays and christenings to weddings and anniversaries, we have countless reasons to celebrate. Whether these are certified red-letter days or just especially personal and meaningful days, these moments are definitely made more beautiful with a cake.

Indulge in our array of beautiful cakes in our cake gallery.

Make us part of your beautiful celebrations just with a single click and truly discover why these delectable premium cakes taste as good as they look! Whatever the celebration is all about, it’s more beautiful with a Cake from Cakes R’ Us!

With Cakes R’ Us, YOU can have your cake in any ways you want it!!!

Caters to All Walks Of Life celebrations;
1) Weddings
2) Anniversaries
3) Debuts
4) Birthdays
5) Christening/Baptisms
6) Valentines/Christmas Givings/Halloweens
7) Special Occasions/Gift Offerings
8) Corporate Giveaways
9) Bridal Showers

Cake designs may be in any form;
1) Flat Cake design
2) 2D Caricature Gumpaste (Drawing)
3) 3D Caricature/Object
4) 3D Clay Cake Topper (Little Me-personalized)

Cake flavors:
1) Moist Chocolate
2) Butter Cake
3) Carrot Cake
4) Banana Cake
5) Strawberry
6) Buko Pandan
7) Ube
8) Mocha
9) Chiffon and many others…whatever client asks for

Contact Info:

Cakes R’ Us – Cookies & Pastries Co.
Office # Manila (02)4371910 / Cebu (032)3450005 / Iloilo (033)5018008
Mobile # 0922-8218539 / 09325808631

E-mail Address: